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Saturday, 15 August 2015

New Look Wishlist - August

New Look Wishlist - August

Woohoo - finally feel like I want to blog so here I am! 

So I start a new job in September, still in teaching but back with the year 6's  as well as being a Phase leader - basically I'm going to be in charge of both years 5 & 6 so I have to learn to manage people which is a bit scary but I hope that I will pick this up quickly!

With that in mind, I need a bit of a wardrobe revamp - I've got lazy too comfortable at my previous school and was happy to just throw on a smock dress and leggings, but this isn't the impression I want to give off at the start of a new job so I need to pick up some new bits.

I know for my shape and height that I look best in pencil or A-line skirts as they look smart without being too dressed up. I like to pick skirts that are either plain or have a simple pattern so that I can wear a top with a pattern. I love the black pencil skirt as its quite structured but would look great with the tops tucked in, especially the shirts.

Tops are really important, especially when working in a school, I have boobs like most girls, but the kids in my class do not need to be looking down my top when I'm working with them (especially Y6 boys!) so I try and wear higher necked items or tops that I can wear a little vest top underneath! The roll neck top isn't something I would normally reach for but I just liked it! I have spotted another one somewhere else so that might pop up soon in another wish list.

As for shoes, I'm all about chunky heels as they are super comfy and I can move around the classroom easily, plus you can't go wrong with chunky Chelsea boots!

So those are my picks from New Look at the moment - there are loads more bits that I want so keep a look out for some more wish lists coming up soon.

Also, I'm thinking of doing an NQT series as I'm going to be mentoring an Newly Qualified Teacher come September - is this something anyone wants to read?


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