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Skimlinks Test

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Instagram Update - May '15

L- R
Decorating the Bathroom - Walking Ted in the Woods
Snapchatting with my boy - A walk in the bluebells
New Favourite Book - New Hair!!

Writing my resignation letter - Completing the Race for Life Pretty Muddy
Some more cook books - My favourite magazine
Ted's 1st Birthday - Peanut Butter has run out :(

L- R
Ted is always attached somehow - Stopping me meal planning
Chicken Snitzel & Sweet Potato Chips - Favourite Perfume has run out!
Walks by the canal - Eating outside at lunch

I love reading what other people have been up to through these instagram posts, plus its nice to look back over what I've been done, I always forget about the pictures I've taken and so miss out on the round up.

May has been a busy month, I've:

- Nearly finished decorating the bathroom
- Bought new cookery books and tried out new recipes
- Handed my notice in at work
- Gone on lots of long walks with Ted
- Completed the Race for Life Pretty Muddy (Loved it!)
- Enjoyed my half term, lots of watching netflix and drinking tea
- Been out to London and saw a play
- Lost 4lbs and got back into fitness
- Bought new clothes
- Gone blonde for summer

I could go on, May has been a good month with lots going on, now to look forward to what June has to offer!

If you've done a post like this then let me know, link it in the box below. What have you been up to this month?! xx

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  1. Sounds like May was a great month and very productive. Here's to June and summer!


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