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Sunday, 26 April 2015

An Update! What I've been up to!

Hello! Remember me?!

I've had a bit/a lot of time off from the blog, not for any one reason but life kinda took over, you know how it is! So I thought I would do a little update post, just to ease myself back into blogging and also get you up to speed on the goings on recently!

Since I last posted a few things have changed;

- I've got a new job! I've been thinking about moving schools for a while, not because I hate my school but I'm kinda stuck there with no where to move to be able to progress so my new school is a step up the ladder, a lot more responsibility, a move back into year 6 which I can't wait for! I applied for the job but didn't think I would get it as I don't have the experience yet but happily I'm going to get the chance to show what I can do!

- New Bathroom! Project Bathroom has been in the pipeline for about 6months now, we've been buying odds and soda, pinteresting lots of ideas and just generally dreaming of it being finished. Over the Easter Weekend, the boy and my dad set about doing the big jobs while me and mum 'helped' by staying out the way and going shopping! A few weeks on and we are nearly there, it's so nice having a completed bathroom, just finishing touches to add!

- Settibg a wedding date and booking a venue! So since getting engaged, the boy & I haven't really done much other then discuss a few ideas but now we've set a date and got a venue booked! We've opted to get married in my home town of Lincoln with the wedding party in the village I grew up in and the party bit at the top of town. The date is 2yrs away at the moment so I'm not thinking about it too much but there is one thing I'm constantly thinking of and that's getting into a dress!!

- Getting fit...again! Been at the gym, eaten less crappy food - the usual although I'm about to start Kayla Itsines 12 week bikini body plan - just need to work up the courage as its scary!!!

- Social Media!! I'm loving being on Twitter & Instagram at the moment, I'm contemplating starting an account for Ted to post pug pictures! Also loving Snapchat as well, slowly getting into it!

And that's about it.  Toying with the idea of doing less beauty and more lifestyle posts, I'm loving reading general posts at the moment so we will see - I just want to write a bit more and not be limited to just beauty as there are a lot of people who write much better then me!

Any who - i hope you're enjoying your long weekend, I need to get a crack on with writing reports!!

What have you been up to?! 

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  1. congrats on getting a new job!

    from helen at

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