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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review - Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo

Since the summer my hair has been all over the place. I'm still in the process of lightening it using a few products to get a lighter colour over all but this means my hair is really dry and splitting all over the place.

So I set off to Boots and stocked up on a few different lotions and potions. One of the ones I picked up was the new Ultimate Blends shampoo from Garnier. I picked the Sleek Restorer as it contained coconut oil and cocoa butter to help smooth dry hair.

The smell is amazing, its lovely and coconutty and smells like it should be really nourishing and do wonderful things to my hair but in reality it doesn't live up to the smell!

When I wash my hair with this it feels amazing, really nourishing and my hair feels smooth and silky and looks great whilst its wet but as soon as it starts drying it feels coarse and rough. I can't get it to feel sleek without a serious amount of Morrocan oil or other products which then leave my hair feeling weighed down and rubbish.

Overall its an ok Shampoo, it does the job and cleans my hair but anything more then that it's not one I would pick up again. The only positive I can pull from it is the smell is amazing!

Have you tried any of the ultimate blends range? xx

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