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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Workout Wednesday - One Song Workout #1

So project summer body is on now I've put down all the chocolate and rubbish I've eaten the last couple of weeks, I'm starting small with short bursts of exercise rather than trying to go for a run straight away. I'm building up to more exercise, but to start with I've been loving one song workouts.

I've been doing 5 one song workouts throughout the day, having a mad 5mins in the morning, at lunchtime with some of my class (we have a mad dance around the room) one after school and then two before bed. I've found so many online and on Pinterest, so I decided to have a go and write my own.

Having a chat with the kids, we decided we wanted to write something using Happy by Pharrell Williams, we often use this one as a brain break in maths lessons as it keeps it fun, so I sat down with some of the kids and we wrote this, they tested it and you can fit it all in once if you go steady with it or you can get two rounds in.

I will point out, I am not a fitness instructor of any kind, I'm taking inspiration from lots of other examples that I've used, if you’re not sure of any of the moves, have a quick Google.

What song would you want a work out to next? xx

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  1. Oh that is such a fantastic idea!! May have to borrow it hehe...

    Holly Mixtures


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