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Monday, 14 April 2014

NOTD - Maybelline Street Artist Top Coats

So nails, they were kinda what I loved blogging about. It feels like I haven't blogged properly in ages but moving and pretty nails don't go hand in hand but now things are more settled, I can reach for the paint again!!

So first up, I've wanted to use the Street Artist Top Coats for ages, especially now the weather is nice and sunny, these look awesome!  The topcoats are a twist on last years speckled topcoats, this time with the addition of neon glitter bits, I love that these look like splatters of paint thrown against a blank wall.

You could pick:
Alley Attitude - Blue Neon Splatters
White Splatter - Purple & White Splatters
Boombox - Neon Green Splatters
Urban Vibe - Neon Orange Splatters

These are worn over Models Own Hypergel in White Light, perfect for the blank canvas. They were easy to build up, it’s simple to place the bits where you want them on the nail, plus you can layer it up as much as you need. For £3.99, they're an easy way to update your nails for spring/summer; I can't wait to wear these throughout the summer!

What do you think? Which ones would you pick up? Xx

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  1. I have the alley attitude and love it. It looks great over Barry M blue grape. Im thinking about getting the rest now
    Beth x


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