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Monday, 28 October 2013

WIWT - All Black Stars

 I'm channelling my inner angry teenager today, I never normally wear block colour but I fancied wearing all black, must be this windy weather on my mood.

A lot of my current go to outfits have revolved around these boots. I've wanted a set of cut out boots for ages, dreamed about the Topshop Audrey boots but alas, they were always out of stock. Last time I was in New Look I picked up these boots as they were the perfect mix of chunky but not too ugly. I love the gold buckles in the sides, plus the cut out detail isn't too obvious. Their fairly flat form esque so you do get some height bonus.

I teamed it with my black quilted pleather skirt from New Look as I love this so much. I will probable never be able to squeeze my bum into real leather so pleather is fine. The quilted pattern makes it very versatile, dress it up with a shirt for work or chuck on a jumper for a more relaxed look.

Added to this, I've got my trusty Primark stars jumper from last year. Lily from Llymlrs wore this recently and I remembered that I had one as well so out it came. Paired with thick, black tights, this is a super snuggly outfit. I wore this last week to work & the kids loved it so I wore it again yesterday for a family roast dinner - perfect for hiding a food baby!

I quite enjoy wearing all black,might start experimenting with black/white combos for Autumn, especially with my boots! Xx


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