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Sunday, 27 October 2013

A quick update!

Afternoon lovelies, you probably didn't notice but things have been a tad quiet around here the last couple of weeks. This is because life became incredibly stressful at school in the run down to half term (yay!)

Thought I would do a little update of what's been going on.
First up, school has been a real roller coaster. These last 8 weeks have been a time of settling in with the children, setting the rules and truly find out what they can down. It has been a steep learning curve moving from Y5 to Y6 but now I adore my bunch of kids, we've all gelled as a group and enjoy being together, a good half term rounded off with an awesome Halloween Disco! I was the only member of staff to really dress up!!!

Last weekend I spent the weekend with my dad & the boy at a classic mini show. I'm obsessed with minis, mine is my pride and joy so it was great fun to be surrounded by other minis for the day! The weather was awful but that didn't stop hundreds of minis being there! It was also nice to be with my dad for a bit.

Finally, now it's half term there should be more regular posts for me, I plan to get as much work for school done and a shed load of pictures taken to see me through to Xmas. Also, I'm looking for guest posters for during my December Advent Calendar series where I post everyday! That's coming around fast so need to start planning.

Keep a look out this week for some exciting news, some of you might have seen it on twitter but I want to share it fully on here!! Lots of other posts to come as well, any suggestions as to what you would like to see?
How's your week been? Xx

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Heating back on/ New Look Haul


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