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Sunday, 24 June 2012

This weeks Ups & Downs #20

Evening lovelies, hope your well, watching the football no doubt.

This is my first post for what feels like ages but I'm really struggling with my work life balance at the moment - I'm writing lots but not posting as I don't have time to take pictures :( but a very eventful week:

Ups -

- this weekend my parents came down as the boys mum and stepdad invited them down to meet a bit more of the family. It was a nice weekend full of food, a bit too much wine (dad shared nearly 5 bottles of red with the boys step dad!) and lovely conversation. It was nice having everyone together, it just highlights how luck I am to have such a wonderful family who all get on!

- I'm loving using my iPad to blog at the moment, I just need to get some pictures sorted as I have about 15posts without pictures just waiting!

- only 3 weeks, 4.5 days left until the summer holiday!

Downs -

- School work stress is killing me :( reports to write, tests to mark, work to analyse, plans to plan, children to teacher, books to mark - its a hectic life and the balance between life and work is a bit of a struggle at the moment :( it's hard to laugh and smile at the moment
- this week my work mum also announced that she was retiring. This kills me as we have our suspicions that she is being pushed more then anything but it will break down the links between the school and our parents - I expect fireworks this week :(

- I want more time to blog! :(

- one week until payday, and it can't come sooner at the moment - I have a stash of money for petrol but I hate touching it as I'm saving it for a rainy day. I need to get back to using up samples rather then lusting after lots of items.

So there's my week, it may not seem busy but all I'm doing is work and work and more work :(

How was your week?

From we heart it
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  1. ahh it's nice to read the different side to being a teacher, at uni we're forever getting told how rewarding it is. which of course it is, otherwise we wouldn't do the job we do. But we don't get told the negative, huge work load and the aspect it can have on your social life. Thank for being so open about your thoughts :) love reading your blog posts :) alex xoxo

    1. It's a lot harder then people realise, even on placement it was never this hard, plus Ofsted are evil and have made it harder this year, but I love it, just need to find the balance! Xx

    2. Yeah, defiantly.Some people just don't understand how hard it is and often think of it as an easy job/uni degree. Hope it will all get easier for you :) Thanks for replying :D xxx

  2. Aww hope your downs become ups soon :-) I wish i had more time to blog as well! Hopefully as the summer comes thing will become easier :) xxx


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