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Sunday, 10 June 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #20

Evening lovelies, taking some time out from the #bbloggers chat to write this post - I never seem to have enough time to blog at the moment! I didn't get an Up & Down post written last Sunday as I was at my parents having a well earned rest, so I will include everything in this one!


- Half Term - this week has been a much needed week off. I've slept, been home, caught up on cleaning and jobs, written plans and reports, slept some more and had a nice week that I really needed. This weekend has gone too fast sadly as it's back to work tomorrow.

- I've done quite a bit of shopping recently, so have lots of lovely new things to show you, as well as some things I've lusted after for a while, including my gorgeous new IPad.

- 5 weeks and 4 days until the summer holidays, bring it on! Really cranking up the exercise now, I'm feeling much better physically, need to increase the amount of cardio and resistance that I do.


- Last weekend I was hit with an awful cold - it literally lasted a day but I felt so rough, one of the joys of working with small children all the time.

- Back to school tomorrow, we are still waiting for our HMI visit so still feel very on edge really, hopefully it will be soon and it will go really well.

1. My hair feels amazing, 2. No makeup makeup
3. Look what I got, 4. Think boy Soy Sauce
5. I want this chair, 6. Meatballs at IKEA

7. Yesterday's Face, 8. #photoadayjune day 8 - 6o'clock
9. Totally true, 10. Don't want to use these
11. #photoadayjune day 7 - drink, 12. Posh Tea

13. Current Obsession, 14. Max reading Glamour
15. Andy wearing a crown, 16. IPAD!!!

17. WTF?, 18. At the park
19. Mum didn't want it, 20. Home cooked roast dinner

Sorry my photo's are a bit naff - my photoshop has decided to crash and needs re-installing :( 

How was your week?



  1. Glad to hear that you've enjoyed half term. Shame to be going back tomorrow :(
    So jealous of your iPad and those IKEA meatballs! After seeing the photo on instagram I've been nagging the OH to take me to IKEA just for some meatballs lol x

  2. loving this post!!! Happy to follow you :)

    xo, JerseyGirls


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