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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

'Bridalplasty' Reality Tv gone too far?

I'm the first to admit that I love thinking-proof TV - Americas Biggest Loser, Americas Next Top Model, Four Weddings, Toddlers and Tiaras ( I really watch far too much TV, but it helps after a long day at work!) But this time, I think I have found one show that has gone too far..

Bridalplasty is on Sky Living and The show follows 12 engaged women who are competing for the wedding of their dreams and their dream plastic surgery procedure. Each woman has to complete a plastic surgery wish list and complete wedding-themed challenges in order to win the surgery of her choice. The winner of the week's challenge gets one plastic surgery procedure from her wish list. The final winner wins their dream wedding 

I think that I have stumbled upon this nearly halfway through the show, and this episode the women had to taste test different wedding style foods,identifying which was the more expensive, and the one who guessed the most correct would be 'top bride' and could choose to have something done, whilst the rest of the brides vote off someone else! 

Personally, this is a step too far. These women are gorgeous, yet feel they need to have surgery to look their best for their wedding day. The images of these women as they are still recovering from previous surgeries, yet are competing for more procedures is surreal. The problem is, I can't stop watching! 

To be totally honest, these women are achieving what they perceive to be perfection, however all they are developing is a need to improve, and the short term thrill of fixing one part, is soon replaced with 'what can I fix now?' 

As a women in my 20's, with a few body issues, I can see the appeal of this sort of show, but I have accepted that to make changes, I will have to work for it, plastic surgery is not an option for me, yet this show gives the message to young women with body issues and low self esteem that having surgery will make you perfect, without dealing with any of the internal issues.

As I've already said, I couldn't help but watch this show,but I really feel that this is now too far with reality TV. What do you think, has the makers of this show gone too far? Is it sending out the right message to views? What other shows are your guilty pleasures?! x


  1. Thats just so bizarre! What happened to a wedding being a big party to celebrate your love with your friends? Xxx

  2. I know all brides want to look their best but this was scary, and quite sad that these women felt they had to do it! xx


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