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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

E.L.F Nail Polish

Finally it is the Christmas holidays, one term done as an NQT, all passed and signed off and now I can relax. The first thing I needed to do, was paint my nails with something new!

I'm all for saving money, especially when I have spent soo much recently on Christmas presents, so I was do a little internet browsing on some of my favourite sites, and I saw that E.L.F have a range of nail polishes, and at £1.50 each, I could hardly say no!

I bought two colours, a purple and a gold.

 Party Purple - a gorgeous purple with really fine glitter, I think this is a great polish, two coats and it is opaque. Application was really easy and smooth, and it dried remarkably quickly. 
Golden Goddess - a clear base with a range of large and small gold glitter pieces, some of which are so fine, it creates a shimmering base. As with most glitters, it did not leave a smooth finish.

I tried layering these two, and it looked great, however  at that moment, the postman arrived and I messed it up :( I will try and do it again soon and put up pictures.

Overall, these polishes are really good, the range although small, is packed with a wide variety of colours, and for £1.50, I fear I will be buying them all!!!!

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