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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Little bit of Lush

Ok, so I moved into my flat about 3 months ago, and until now I have only been able to have a shower so had no need for anything bath related.

All that has changed - thank you Landlord, and we now have a working bath. So it called for a little Lush shopping!!!

Everyone always says how nice the Lush girls are, and true to form, the ones in the shop near me were great! As well as that, it was all kitted out, ready for Christmas ( is it just me or is this the best time of of year for shopping!)

I got a couple of things:

Comforter - this is a gorgeous blackcurrant bubble bar - look how much you get! You just break this up and crumble it underneath a running tap and you get loads and loads of bubbles and a pink bath. I loved this, I felt so relaxed after I had a bath with this.

Snow Fairy - As soon as I tried this shower gel, I knew it was good as the OH told me I smelt like bubblegum!
A gorgeous shower gel, that smells divine, and a little bit goes a really long way! A must have, I may go back and stock up as it is only available at Christmas!

Finally, I got a Boog - a really interesting bath bomb. The Boog is based on a Swedish christmas tradition, where every year, a snowmans head is filled with fireworks and then placed on a Bonfire until all the fireworks have exploded! This is supposed to do just that it the bath, explode into lots of colours! You can see all of the different colour bombs that are inside it! I can't wait to try it!

I can't wait to re-visit Lush, and try out even more of their products - are their any that I really need?

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