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Monday, 5 November 2012

Models Own Wonderland Collection

Afternoon lovelies, 

First day back at school and already I'm on count down until the Xmas holiday - 7 weeks to go!

To get in the festive spirit, I've finally got my hands on the Models Own Wonderland Collection, and I love this collection, this has to be my favourite collection at the moment, simply because of the amount of glitter!

Made up of 5 polishes, they encompass all things wintery, from natural phenomena to traditional festiveness, I've been into Boots so many times to pick it up but each time it wasn't there! After nearly a month I managed to get hold of it!

Northern Lights - Painted over a base of Snow White, this is a mix of pink and holographic glitter pieces that is so pretty. It dances in the sunlight, refracting many different colours, and is very girly. This gives good coverage, with two coats over the white, but I'm sure you could make it opaque without the base coat

Southern Lights - This one is right up my street, silvery/lilac with the same holo glitter that Northern Lights has, this is a lot cooler toned. I prefer this one simply because I like purple more then pink, however it does highlight how pale I am, but this would look great on a darker skin tone.

Blizzard - Lots of hexagonal glitter pieces of varying size suspended in a clear polish, this is like when you have those snow globes and you shake it up! The only downside is that you do have to place the glitter on the nail but I don't mind for this pay off. I wish I had tried this over a darker colour but I quite like the white.

Jack Frost - If there was ever a more fitting name then this would be it. Jack Frost is an iridescent glitter that is very pearly, however I couldn't get it to photo how I wanted, but its lovely. This reminds me of the way the sun glistens off the frost on a sunny morning.

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Snowflake - Now I apologise how bad this photo is, I only had a white to swatch it over and now wish I had a darker colour as this is so pretty. Snowflake is tiny foil pieces that are torn up, suspended in the clear polish. Like Blizzard, you do have to place this on the nail quite a lot, but I can see me using this as a topcoat over a lot of darker colours.

So there you have the full collection - you can pick these up from Boots, or from Models Own for £5 each, or Models Own have the whole lot in a boxset with the top coat for £20 which you can pick up here.

I can see me getting a lot of use of of these, I think I'm sorted for the Xmas period now :) What do you think, which one is your favourite? xx

PS - How do you fancy winning this whole collection? Keep your eyes peeled for when I hit 200 followers!


  1. I too are counting down the days till christmas and i love your nails, all those varnishes are fabulous.


  2. Nothern lights is literally my new favourite!! Xxx

  3. I LOVE all of those polishes! I don't think you can find Models Own in the states too easily though. Oh well, there's always eBay! :)
    I also just tagged you for a blogger tag so check it out because I'd love to hear your responses!


  4. Love them all, so gorgeous!!! I think Northern and Southern Lights are my 2 favourites

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  5. These polishes are beautiful!! It's such a shame I can't buy them where I live (Dubai) as I am a big fan of Models Own xxx


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