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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Guest Bloggers Wanted - Advent Door Posts

Afternoon lovelies, hope your well and enjoying your weekend

As a kid, my favourite thing about December bar Christmas was my advent calendar - I loved opening the door each day and getting the chocolate in a unidentifiable shape ( only Cadbury will do by the way) I think it was like a present a day leading up to the big day! So last year I recreated this on the blog with a Xmas themed post everyday on the blog - well I attempted to but it's quite hard without starting in July!

This year, I want to make it bigger and open it up to my lovely fellow bloggers to write a post about the most magical time of the year - who doesn't love Christmas. I'm looking for posts that centre around the topic of Xmas, but the post is your choice! Some ideas would be:
Gift Guides
Places to visit
The lists are endless!

All I ask is that you send the posts to me by the end of November so that I can get them scheduled. If your interested them let me know either on here, email me at or tweet me.

So, let me know :) xx

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