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Friday, 22 October 2010

What to buy next?!

The plan was that with my first pay check I would top up my nail polish collection. That sadly didn't happen (although Ikea is very thankful) 
So with a week to go before payday, I need to have a think about what ones I want to get.
I'm ready to really expand my collection and get ready for the coming holiday season.

Collections I'm lusting after

I'm really tempted by the gorgeous China Glaze Tis the season to be naughty and nice collection - not all of them but I am really lusting after Jolly Holly, Party Hearty, Mistletoe Kisses, Frosty and Little Drummer Boy - all gorgeous colours ( for swatches google the collection!)

I really love the OPI Burlesque collection - I think it will be great for xmas and the colours are gorgeous - I love the whole collection but I'm a bit overloaded with sparkle this year, but I really love Teasy-does it - I feel this may be my next purchase!

I've seen a lot of press about Eeyko nail polish, they have a really fun range, and I have a few ones I really want the Cosmic polish, the swatch I've seen looks fab, a real starry night sky on your nails - just imagine a few well placed shooting starts as nail art! Or they have a gorgeous black jelly base with really finely milled red glitter in it, very sexy, ideal for Halloween!!

Those are just some of the wonderful things I want this month - think I will have to cut my wishlist down as I have to eat! oh well :)

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