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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rumour or truth?

I must say, I am in shock. At first I thought it was only a rumour that has bern going around for ages but new reports may be confirming this as true!
There I was,going about my day,selecting what nail polish to have next (Opi - Diva of Geniva if you were wondering) catching up on the nail blogging community when news surfaced that the OPI company may be up for sale!
As this was an unconfirmed rumour,I didn't want to write this unless I knew more,so I spent some time digging around and have the story so far

Aug 2010 - report that the opi company is allegedly for sale,however the companies founder George Schaeffer denies these rumours.

Oct 2010 - Bloomberg reports on the 26th that the first round of bids have taken place for OPI's company,the main potential buyers Re Coty In - a multinational perfume company owning brands such as 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker and 'Princess' by Vera Wang. Other potential buyers are private equity companies. L'Oreal were also reported to be interested but not currently involved.

Now, I don't know how much of this is true,however if the company is bought out by one of these larger firms,I do fear that our beloved brand will face some big changes. I suspect that the already high price for this brand will increase, as well as how the products are produced, both Coty and L'Oreal are known to test their products on animals,which OPI currently does not!

I shall say this again,this is currently rumour, however only time will tell. If this brand is sold and becomes a brand that tests on animals then I shall no longer use and review it, my morals are worth more then nail polish!

Wow,this was a long,serious blog! The next wont be like this,I promise!

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