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Friday, 1 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips - Celestial Review

Considering I adore all things beauty, I'm not a massive lip product lover - don't get me wrong, I buy them, apply them once and then forget them for the day!

So I wasn't one of those who rushed out to buy the Rimmel Apocalips when they first came out - too many reds that are wasted on me. However I recently caved when playing with them in Boots, plus they were 3 for 2 so walked away with 3 clutched tightly in my hand.

The first one I've worn has been Celestial. A mauvey pink lip colour, this is my current go to as its easy and warms up my skin tone.

It applies like a lipgloss, giving coverage like a lipstick and leaves a stain on the lips once worn off. I love the concept but it is a bit of a pain to reapply. The gloss wears off within two hours depending on what your doing and I find it clings to any dry bits on my lips. I find I'm too busy to remember to reapply and when I tried without a mirror I ended up looking more Coco the clown then Coco Chanel.

I had read on a blog to apply it with the back of the applicator as the well in the doe foot applies too much product and this trick has helped a lot.

I've got two more colours to try out when I get the chance, but for now this will do. What do you think? Have you tried any of the Apocalips collection?


  1. I love the colour of these xx

  2. I love these, the colours looks beautiful xx

  3. Love the shade :) I haven't bought any yet but am very tempted, although I do often have dry lips so I'm not sure if it'd really be a good product for me x

  4. Arghhh I'm resisting buying these but it's so hard! I can't stand the feeling of lipgloss so I think it would be wasted, but at the same time the hype is making me want them...that is a gorgeous shade too :)



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