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Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Year, New Me

I'm sure mine is a typical story, the same as thousands of people across the country!

I started Uni 4 and a half years ago, a fairly healthy, active 18yr old who wasn't a totally great weight for my height, starting weight of 11st 5lbs which for my height of 5ft 9 isnt too bad, and I was very active so carried a lot of muscle in my legs.

Uni stopped me being as sporty as I was, and I discovered alcohol, and the general drinking culture and I piled on the weight, all the way up to a very unhealthy weight of 14st 3lbs.

Over 4 years, I ignored the fact that my body was changing to something I hated. I ignored the fact I couldn't fit into my clothes, I could just buy more in a bigger size. I ignored the fact that when I go out with my boyfriend, I look awful, he says he loves me but I can't love myself.

I didn't want to make a resolution at new years as I will give up in no , so I made it last week, I will regain my body, slowly but surely! To do this I am going to:

  • Get into a routine with my eating habits - not binging when I need to because I'm so hungry from not eating
  • Actually use my gym and get back to the classes I love
  • Start taking Ballet lessons again, I love to dance, and this will be something for me!
  • Starting blogging about it!
I'll keep writing on here how I make changes but I will do a weekly post on how I'm doing, more for therapy for myself then anything else! Don't worry, nail polish will not disapper, if anything more will happen as I need a distraction from eating!

Sorry for the essay! Hope your having a good week! xx

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